Robimpex Srl is a fast growing translation service provider specialized in high quality professional localization and translation/interpreting in various language combinations.

We have specialized in technical translation, conference interpreting and website localization. We translate from/into all European, Scandinavian, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asian languages.

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  • Medical and Natural sciences
  • Technical and IT
  • Economy and Automotive
  • Editorial
  • Legal and Patent
  • Marketing and Tourism
  • Web pages, Catalogues, Brochures

Robimpex Srl employs a staff of professional translators only into their native language. We ensure a high quality service and impeccable content adaptation in line with the cultural standard of the destination Country. Robimpex srl makes the best of the potential of all major computer assisted translation systems to align the existing material and create translation memories, terminology database and glossaries for each of our customers.


  • High quality standard
  • Fast delivery and observance of due dates
  • Competitive prices
  • Method and rigour in translation procedures
  • Reliability and confidentiality towards customers and suppliers
  • Professional staff: project managers, language consultants, native translators, editors, industry experts

Localization is applied to the product which must be pointed out and sold in a particular foreign market and it implies the text translation completed by the adaptation to the local conventions and culture. Main localization services:

  • Software localization (application ones, programs, operating systems, etc.)
  • Web site localization (personal, business, e-commerce web sites, etc.)
  • Mltimedia localization (each multimedia format for CD, DVD, etc. distribution)

Robimpex Srl uses professional translators specialized in the most different sectors. We will take care about your translation project by giving it to a professional translator experienced in your sector. Some of our intervention fields: technical, manuals/handbooks, business, juridical, legal, medical, scientific, economic/financial, publishing, tourist, web pages, catalogues, brochures, etc.


The translation and adaptation of multilingual contents makes the web page performances and its visibility on Internet better. For this reason, during a web page translation, Robimpex Srl takes a particular care of the optimization of the translated texts putting key –words, specific terminology, translation of titles of each page and other known elements such as SEO (Search Engines Optimization).


Consecutive, Liaison, Whispered (chuchotage) and Simultaneous Interpreting

All the steps following the real translation are equally important. A non- perfect work makes the efforts of the people who have done it, fruitless and above all the investment of those who have ordered the work becomes useless. The lack of clearness in a work, the little fluency, the poor consistency of terminology, or simply the presence of various mistakes, reduce the interest of a reader or of a potential customer and this inevitably causes the failure of a translation project.

Robimpex Srl offers:

Proofreading/proof-correction and text revision (editing or cross-check) are two different phases of the same check/improving process of the quality of an already translated text, where the first one is usually the final phase of this process.

  • Proofreading: It may happen that in a translation some spelling mistakes or little inaccuracies of different kind (punctuation, capital letters, bold type words, italics, spaces, blanks, underlining, abbreviations, etc.) can still be present. The proofreader is a professional man/woman whose work is to “clean” the text from all these imperfections.
  • Revision of already translated texts or editing: is an improving process of a text that has already been translated, particularly aimed at the use of a correct terminology and/or style of writing and at the adaptation to a certain receiving audience. It is the post-translation phase in which contents and writing style are deeply searched and checked.
Robimpex Srl also offers:

Asseverations and legalizations by the Court
Translations and transcriptions from tape in foreign language or in Italian language
Text typing in every language

Robimpex Srl is always looking for freelance translators.

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